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  • Monday, October 12, 2009 Welcome to my Website

    Welcome to my website!
    You want to know what goes on in my brain, here it is, only slightly edited for content and public consumption... :-)
    The goal of this website is for you get to know me; to see where I am today, find out where I am supposed to be tomorrow or next month, and interact with me if you like. We have some photos which you can feel free to guffaw at or admire, reviews (only the best ones, of course), and soon some media.  Feel free to check out my links to  CAMI (my management), Facebook, and my new Arts Education Fund,  ARTSleaf, which hopefully will be a way we can all give back and help a broader cross-section of artists engage with future artists and arts appreciators. I will post at least one new blog per month (or I'll try).  I'll always be a work in progress and I hope to get there with the help of one of the best resources I know... you!

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